August 22-24, 2014 – ONWARD AND UPWARD

The Middleton Good Neighbor Festival Board of Trustees is proud to announce our winners of the 2014 Good Neighbor Awards.

  • Lucille Taylor
  • Anna Biermeier
  • Patti Jackson
  • Ross Michaels

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Parade Announcing Stand Is Being Moved

The Parade Announcing Stand will now be located at the Middleton Sport Bowl patio.

Additional Parking

Spectrum Brands (located at 3001 Deming Way) is allowing Festival goers to use their parking lot. Please note shuttle service not available.
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Parade Applications Are No Longer Being Accepted

Good Neighbor Festival will be contacting entrants soon.

2014 Middleton Good Neighbor Festival’s Parade Marshal Announced

The Middleton Good Neighbor Festival Trustees are proud to announce that Charlotte Deleste will be the 2014 Parade Marshall.

Charlotte Deleste is best known for waking up Madison on WISC – Channel 3, on the weekday ‘News 3 This Morning Show.”
In 2012, Charlotte became a “good neighbor” in Middleton when she opened the doors to Gio’s Garden, a non-profit respite center, located at 2028 Parmenter Street. Named after her son, Gio, this beautiful facility is a therapeutic respite center for special needs kids, from birth through six-years-old who need special care; providing them, their parents and caretakers a much needed break from their day to day routine.

Gio’s Garden grew out of Charlotte’s frustration of trying to find adequate care and respite services for her son Gio. Their names went on waiting lists and to this day, their wait continues. Realizing there are others in the same situation, she decided to help the already stressed system by creating another option for families who need help now, those who do not have the luxury of time to wait on lists, family to rely on, or those who are on their last thread of patience and running on empty. With the help of other parents, therapists, and nurses, Gio’s Garden was born.

Since opening two years ago, Gio’s has provided more than 5000 hours of care to nearly 50 kiddos, and has worked with 70 families providing respite care and/or resources. Charlotte would like to thank the entire Middleton community for their support and commitment to Gio’s Garden, and remember to “Do Something Good”.

Good Neighbor Festival

The 2014 Middleton Good Neighbor Festival will take place August 22-24.