Sunday, August 26, 2018| 9am – 5pm

11am-5pm, Food Court Open

11am-Closing Carnival Rides, Tickets $1 ea or $20 for 22

12pm, Parade

12pm-4pm, Patrick’s Funny Farm

Middleton’s Good Neighbor Festival will host a group of animals you can get up close and personal with!  Come to the Patrick’s Funny Farm to meet chickens, goats, ponies and other animals.  There is no charge to enjoy meeting the animals.

1pm-5pm, Ultrazone Lazer Tag, Grounds

Laser tag out in the wild!  A course has been set up for you and Ultrazone will help create teams who will enter the tent to test their skill and strategy finding out who can be the last one standing.  Laser Tag is  presented at no charge thanks.

2pm-4pm, Crazy Kids’ Games

2pm-5pm, Expressively You Portraits

Lindsey LaPlant is a local artist with a passion for capturing You!  She says that everyone should have art in their home that is truly art that they can afford.  Middleton Good Neighbor Festival is making sure everyone can have that art in their home because all portraits done by Expressively You at Good Neighbor Festival are free!!

Live Music