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Since 1964, the Good Neighbor Festival has brought the Middleton community together during the last weekend in August. Over the past 50+ years, the festival has changed a lot. The music sounds different. There are more midway rides. The City of Middleton is a bigger place than it once was.

But, through the years, some things have never changed. The Good Neighbor Festival is still family fun, good music, great food and the good neighbor ethic. And it always will be.

The Good Neighbor Festival grows out of the Middleton community. As the major fundraiser of the year for Middleton non-profit organizations, the event supports charities and worthy causes throughout the Middleton area. Event organizers continue to hope that visitors to the Good Neighbor Festival attend not only to have a good time, but also to support the Middleton organizations that help our neighbors most in need.

The Good Neighbor Festival owes so much to so many. This event would be impossible without the generous donations of businesses and organizations throughout the Middleton area, and commitments of time and expertise from countless volunteers.