Scavenger Hunt Answers!

The Virtual GNF Scavenger Hunt was presented by TDS. Thanks so much to all who entered. It was a lot of fun to read the answers and view the photos! Here are the answers.


Question 1: Who were the two individuals who started the Good Neighbor Festival, and in what year was the first Fest held?

Answer: The Festival was started by Amos Colby and Keith Hinsman, and began in 1964. Colby and Hinsman stayed involved with the Festival for many years.

Question 2: What trustee organization has sponsored the carnival rides at the Good Neighbor Festival since the beginning?

Answer: The VFW Auxiliary has sponsored the carnival attraction at the Festival since 1964.

Question 3: What organization sponsors the pie and ice cream social at the Good Neighbor Festival?

Answer: Scouts BSA Troops 40 and 140. Troop 140 is one of the largest boy scout troops in Wisconsin. Troop 40, one of the first girl troops in Wisconsin, now joins Troop 140!

Question 4: What was the name of Middleton’s movie theater, and what was the price of admission at the time the theater closed?

Answer: Middleton Theater at 2111 Parmenter Street. The theater opened in November 1946 and closed in the mid-1980s. When the theater closed, the price of admission was 99 cents.

Question 5: What color is the roof of the large shelter at Fireman’s Park?

Answer: Red! The shelter at Fireman’s Park has been the center of food activities for many years, and was the home of the Food Court in recent Festivals.

Question 6: What restaurant is owned by a drummer who played with Steve Miller and Boz Scaggs?

Answer: The Village Green, owned by Ron Boyer. Boyer played drums in Madison-based band The Ardells, which included both Steve Miller and Boz Scaggs.

Question 7: What business is now located at the site of the former Middleton Shakey’s Pizza?

Answer: Shakey’s Pizza was at 6660 University Avenue, currently the location of Middleton Family Dental.

Question 8: How many gallons of water per hour do the Pheasant Branch Springs contribute to Lake Mendota?

Answer: This one may have required some math! According to this sign in the Pheasant Branch Conservancy, the springs contribute 2.6 million gallons of water per day to Lake Mendota, which is 108,333 gallons per hour.

Question 9: What graduating class donated the sign in front of Middleton High School?

Answer: The sign in the area known as South Beach at Middleton High School was donated by the Class of 1998. The location also served as the starting point of our 2020 Virtual 5K Run/Walk.

Question 10: In what year was the Middleton Depot made a Middleton Landmark, and in what year was it added to the National Register of Historic Places?

Answer: According to the signs on the building, the Middleton Depot building was named a Middleton Landmark in 1977, and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1999. It was built in 1895, and served passengers until 1960. The building currently houses the Middleton Tourism and Visitors Center and the Museum at the Depot.


Photo #1: The Middleton restaurant some believe was a stop on the underground railroad.

Currently the location of 1847 at the Stamm House, this building was constructed in 1847. By 1852 it was converted to a hotel and tavern named “The Pheasant Branch Hotel.” During this period, it was rumored to be a stop on the Underground Railroad.

Photo #2: Street signs at the starting point of the traditional Good Neighbor Fest parade route.

The traditional Sunday Good Neighbor Festival Parade begins at University Avenue and Maple Street.

Photo #3: The location where many logos are displayed of Good Neighbor Fest trustee organizations, across the street from a classic Middleton tavern.

The large M is on University Avenue and Branch Street, across from the Club Tavern.

Photo #4: The memorial placed by Festival trustee William “Sonny” Simon, VFW Post 8216 at a city park.

The Middleton Community Veterans Tribute at Lakeview Park was dedicated to the citizens of Middleton by William “Sonny” Simon, VFW Post 8216 on July 22, 2017.

Photo #5: The downtown Middleton building that once housed Mazo Egg & Produce.

The Capital Brewery on Terrace Avenue is located in the building that once housed Mazo Egg & Produce.

Photo #6: The columns marking the entrance to the original Elm Lawn school.

Located on Hubbard Avenue, these columns and path lead to the site of the historic Elm Lawn school, which currently serves as the administration center for the Middleton Cross Plains Area School District.

Photo #7: This fountain is relished by the proprietor of the adjoining business.

The fountain is located on Hubbard Avenue, next to the National Mustard Museum.

Photo #8: The home built by Dr. Newman C. Rowley.

The Rowley House, at 7410 Hubbard Avenue, was built in 1868 by Dr. Newman C. Rowley. The original Dr. Rowley died in 1871, but his two sons also lived in the house and practiced medicine in Middleton, and his granddaughter lived in the house until 1988. Upon her death, the property was donated to the Middleton Area Historical Society, and now serves as the Rowley House Museum.

Photo #9: The plastic bird that makes its home in front of the presenting sponsor of the 2020 festival.

This plastic owl stands guard over the shopping carts at 2020 Festival Presenting Sponsor Willy Street Co-op.

Photo #10: The recently stabilized hillside that was damaged in the flood of 2018.

This hillside is located on the Pheasant Branch Conservancy path, visible from Park Street.